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TWZ Radio Uploads

Magik Flowz

No Church in the Wild ft. Halii Green (The After Class Flowz Vol. 2)

Just Vent’n ft. Yung Jav (The After Class Flowz Vol. 3)

Best Hand (Blackjack & Liquor)

32 Reasons (XYZ: The EP)



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Marvin Hendrix

Pen To The Paper

Elle Wreckless

Ride Wit’ Me - Miss Understood: For Her - datpiff

Damn - Ink the Coon

Cherokee The Lyricist 

LEAN WIT IT Freestyle.wav

Rack City.mp3

Talk About it.mp3


For The Listeners

All A Dream (feat. J. See) -Prod. by Trill Trax-

Faith (feat. Rapsody) -Prod. by Carnage-


SatchMo ft Carlos FerraGaMo- Tekken 2012

Third Dagree ft SatchMo - Dolla Season


The Ensembly Line - Tick Tock (ft  Kimbro)

TWZ - Femcee Fridays 



Hosted by Indigo Soul, Suga B, & Caramel Latte

Guest Host 

Jane Gee


A show showcasing Femcee talent

Its All about the Femcee!!!—femcee-fridays



Guest for FCF

Queen Mecca



Reese Nice


Topics tonight


1. Would you be a surrogate mother for a lesbian/gay couple to raise? OR(for the guys) give your SPERM for a lesbian/gay couple to raise??!


2.  AND what artist would you like to see back to their underground style… From MAINSTREAM?? IF ANY?… WARZONE RADIO!!! Lets go

Hosted by Indigo Soul, Suga B, & Caramel Latte

A show showcasing Femcee talent

Guest for FCF

Lady Cam


Topics tonight

1. Does it make a women a whore if she has the same morals as a man? Y or y not? (I.e: if a woman cheats why is it she’s a whore but if a man cheats he just messed up?) 

2. N choose like 3 or 4 ppl in da game that you would want to be on your “team”/label… That wuld be a hit like everytime.. Your personal dream team

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